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From the wildest of storms the brightest of flowers can bloom

Elaine Scarry once said that ‘to have pain is to have certainty, to be without pain is to have doubt’ (The Body in Pain, 1985.)

When I pitched the concept for this post to South-Western Sydney-based artist and art educator Mariah Calman we were on the brink of a Kleenex moment. Sitting out the front of her house with the engine switched off, we had our first open conversation about her diagnosis of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, a neurological disorder caused by increased pressure placed on the brain. Unavoidably raw, vulnerable and hauntingly autobiographical, her recent sketches leave no room for doubt; Mariah is in pain. The trajectory of Calman’s practice has become similar to that of some of her idols – namely Frida Kahlo and Mike Parr – as she refuses to let her pain dictate her life. Don’t stop there!

Powerhouse Youth Theatre closes out the year with two inspiring performances

In the heart of Fairfield’s CBD there is a hive of activity around the heritage listed School of Arts Building. This building was purpose built in 1994 and underwent refurbishments between 2003 and 2006. Facility improvements responded to the community’s demand for increased access to creative development and exhibition opportunities. In 2015 the Powerhouse Youth Theatre, who occupy the building, presented a dynamic multi-arts program that critically engaged with the plurality of personal histories in Fairfield. Don’t stop there!