Wadwell Initiatives

For one more evening with Katherine Knight

Four weeks after my mentor and friend, Katherine Knight died I was having more success putting tears to paper than ink. She had insisted that I keep writing; that I stay vulnerable and courageous. I made the promise. Read More

Shivanjani Lal: Sometimes making work is about sitting with an idea

When she settled into her assigned seat last month, artist Shivanjani Lal knew she wouldn’t be returning to the family home in Lidcombe for at least another 12 months. She is off to India to pursue her Post Graduate Diploma and a project she has been working towards for the past three years. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Shivanjani before she left to talk about what the year ahead holds. Read More

Helmut Uhlmann is a musician and social entrepreneur. From a  young age he has been working to build his career. With ongoing persistance and hardwork, Helmutt has a vision to assist other young  musicians in Western Sydney. After two university degrees and with a wealth of industry street cred’ under his belt, I sat down with Helmut to talk about this upcoming venture and Busk for a Cure. Don’t stop there!

IN FOCUS: Analise acts for Autism Awareness Month

Did you know there are 70 million people around the world with autism and 85% of them reside in developing countries [1]?

Based in New York, the Global Autism Project (GAP) is a community-capacity building program. Through hands on training and workshops, trained professionals empower disadvantaged communities to better support the growth and development of individuals with autism. Don’t Stop There!

In Focus: an eye for detail behind the lens

From a very young age everyone knew Sean was a budding film maker. Never one to shy away from the camera, he was at home whether in front of the lens or controlling it. From our days collaborating in the class room to appointing him as the Head of Communications for Wadwell Initiatives, Sean has been constantly challenging himself to think outside the box of film and representation. Don’t stop there!

From the wildest of storms the brightest of flowers can bloom

Elaine Scarry once said that ‘to have pain is to have certainty, to be without pain is to have doubt’ (The Body in Pain, 1985.)

When I pitched the concept for this post to South-Western Sydney-based artist and art educator Mariah Calman we were on the brink of a Kleenex moment. Sitting out the front of her house with the engine switched off, we had our first open conversation about her diagnosis of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, a neurological disorder caused by increased pressure placed on the brain. Unavoidably raw, vulnerable and hauntingly autobiographical, her recent sketches leave no room for doubt; Mariah is in pain. The trajectory of Calman’s practice has become similar to that of some of her idols – namely Frida Kahlo and Mike Parr – as she refuses to let her pain dictate her life. Don’t stop there!