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‘The Power of Hope’ anything but hopeful

With a title like ‘The Power of Hope or: how community, love and compassion can change our world’ it is hard to believe that Kon Karapanagiotidis’s memoir could be a disappointment. Alas, disappointed is exactly how I felt as I moved through this quick read. Read More

Review: The Price of Profit

The Price of Profit by Jason Wicks is an essential read not just for corporates, but any business (be that for profit or not-for-profit). As the title suggests, Wicks pushes readers to consider the impact business operations have on the wider community. He provides an accessible introduction to the ideas that are going to separate businesses from being good and great in the future economy.  Read More

Stay in your own pocket.
Don’t make eye contact (damn it, I made eye contact.)
Are you attempting to start a conversation with your fellow commuter? Eugh.  Let me keep reading

Margaret Humphries provides hope for child migrants

For avid readers milestones in our lives can be mapped by what book we read. In primary school I stepped through the wardrobe in the spare room into Narnia; in high school I went around the world in the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and throughout university, well I honestly didn’t read a lot of fiction, captivated by the knowledge contained in the depth of online journal databases. Over the past few weeks my spare time has been occupied with the experiences of Margaret Humphries – a seemingly humble social worker from Nottingham who was simply doing her job when she unravelled one of Britain’s greatest shames – The Child Migration Scheme. Don’t stop there!