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A drop in the ocean is a change in the sea levels

I used to love films about natural disasters – Volcano, Twister, Dante’s Peak – natural phenomena that I have never experienced, but I have seen the films more times than I can count. The reality is hundred of thousands of people across the world live in natural disaster-prone areas. Even more pressing is that hundreds of thousands more haven’t survived them.

How do we make the most pressing issues of our time digestible for all citizens?  Don’t stop there!

­­My commute home from “the big smoke” transitions from tall buildings to scaffolding, before they give way to the trees of suburbia standing their ground against development. On the train home one Friday night I missed the usual view for the words I held in my hand. ‘From Despair to Hope’ by Professor James Arvanatikis (2016) stabilised the quivering flame inside of me. We all have these moments from time to time, but sometimes it lingers longer than we would desire.
Don’t stop there!