2018 – Present

A full-day program of local voices and sharing them in the global TEDx archive. So far we’ve shared the ideas of XX presenters. Who will join them next?

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We run this

Contributing to Vivid Ideas 2016, WRT was a conversation with Australia’s independent arts sector. It was equal parts rigorous discussion and a celebration of ideas that have shaped Australia’s independent art spaces. 

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Stepping Up Macarthur


A HSC Major work showcase that supported more than 70 local young people.

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Illuminate: Putting the spotlight on local artists


A National Youth Week exhibition and career development forum. It supported 12 local artists from the Macarthur region.

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State of the Arts Media


Documenting art and cultural experiences beyond major cities and sharing them with the world.

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Choose Hope


Choose Hope is a writing project that collects interviews with people I encounter whose actions, stories and ideas fill me with hope for a better tomorrow.

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