Choose Hope

Hope (noun) a feeling of anticipation, desire or dream for something to occur.

Life is about encounters that shape who we are and reflect who we can be. 

Choose Hope is a new writing project that collects interviews with people I encounter whose actions, stories and ideas fill me with hope for a better tomorrow.

As I get older I become more aware that history is no longer just a subject taught in a classroom. History is the legacy of our collective actions that are shaping contemporary society. In a time of widespread systems change, global unrest and slipping standards in mainstream media, it is important to connect with grass roots action to find leadership.

Choose Hope was inspired by reading and re-reading Professor James Arvanitakis‘ book ‘From Despair to Hope.’ At the conclusion of the book, Arvanitakis provides three examples of people doing important social work.

May these change makers inspire you to action.  Click on the images to read their stories. 

choose-hope-lena-mackey   choose-hope-michael-johnston   choose-hope-nathanael-foo   Choose Hope- Rita Nehme   Choose Hope- Domini Marshall