Stepping Up Macarthur

It is a welcome addition to the shopping experience to see the centre court of Macarthur Square transformed into a temporary art space. Whether catching up over a coffee or popping in for the daily essentials, the opportunity to engage with art by local students has become more accessible to the wider community.

Stepping Up was initiated in 2012 and has been endorsed through partnerships with community organisations. Recognised as a youth-led and volunteer organised program, Stepping up creates an avenue for HSC students to exhibit their major works, gain professional development and to network with other young people interested in the creative industries. Major works are a compulsory component to a selection of subjects undertaken for the HSC. They often make up 50% of the student’s marks and enable them to pursue a creative project of their choosing. Major projects take twelve months to complete and teach valuable skills in creative thinking, problem solving and technique and idea development.

In 2014, Stepping Up was recognised by the NSW Centre for Volunteering and nominated for a Zest Award in Youth Leadership.

Partners include: Macarthur Square, Campbelltown Council, Camden Council, MWLP, Utopia Music, Penrith Fencing and Fabrications, and Eckersleys Art and Craft

For more information or to get involved please send an email to