SU: Alumni

Pablo Picasso once said, ‘All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he [or she] grows up.’

We are always here for our SU: Alumni!

SU:Alumni embody the spirit that this exhibition was founded for – young, creative minds ready to work hard to chase their dreams. Our Alumni page lists the creative minds who have stayed in touch with us.
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(Alphabetically according to surname)

Jed (SU14) always in need of more oil paint, Jed has not ceased exploring his painting technique or drawing strangers in public spaces. His ambition is to become a doctor so he can commence aid work overseas. Of course his sketch book will go with him.

Keziah (SU15) after winning the AC Galleries Award in 2015 with her solar-plate etchings of the environmental concerns in Kiribati of the Pacific, Keziah went on to study fine arts at university. With a willingness to learn more, she secured an internship with Gallery Ecosse in Exeter.

Cody (SU14) We have loved watching Cody grow! From his business traineship with the Museum of Contemporary Art, to discovering his eye for interior design and pursuing further studies. Cody never stands still and we look forward to seeing where he goes in the future!
Click here to see his portfolio

Christian‘s (SU14) love for Lego and appreciation for foundational design principles has seen him chase down his dreams one milestone at a time – starting with going to Billy Blue College of Design. We don’t doubt he will lose himself in Lego Land or undertake a grand tour Lego Stores around the world one day. You can catch his work at the Sydney Brick Show, 16-17 April 2016.

Liana (SU13) was a finalist in Casula Powerhouse Art Centre’s inaugural Paramor Prize (Janurary-March 2015) with a textiles work. At the conclusion of her university studies she intends to pursue a career in the arts.

Saskia (SU14) made a beautiful wunderkammer and now builds on her curiosities through studying journalism. Saskia looks into the everyday stories that effect the way we live, such as this piece she got published in the Sydney Morning Herald about Appin Road, a drive that unsettles even the most experienced drivers.

Cassandra (SU15) she was the photographer who asked viewers to look for the beauty underneath urban life and to go beyond the superficial surfaces. Check out her website That Cassie Chick that is linked to her studies in journalism.

Monica (SU14) amazed audiences with her beautiful jewellery and light installation. She has gone on to open up her own online store of beautiful illustrations and simply stunning jewellery. Support a local maker here

Analise (SU13) pursued studies in psychology and has since become an applied behavioural therapist. In October 2016, Analise will join the Global Autism Project (GAP) in Indonesia to provide support for the development of children with Autism. Her drawings have been exhibited in two RAW Artist showcases in Sydney and Wollongong. She may not get to draw as much as she would like after taking on full time work, but when she does magic happens. (Curious? Click here for more)