State of the Arts Media

When we learn about past civilisations we look to their art and culture – objects that speak to the people and the values of the time. So why aren’t we better documenting art and cultural experiences beyond major cities?

State of the Arts Media was the only digital culture guide dedicated to documenting Western Sydney and Regional NSW. Natalie was a co-founder, joining Lucinda Davison in developing the platform. As the development manager, Natalie’s responsibilities ranged from sales and market development, the formal business structure and business management through to assisting with web-development and improving the site’s SEO rankings and content development, including the EDM strategy and articles.

Natalie formally resigned from her role in March 2018. Below is a collation of articles she contributed to the archive. Click the icons to read more.

Thumbnail_SOTA MEDIA Archive_Tribunal Kate Edwards Quote Thumbnail_SOTA MEDIA Archive_Real Talk Thumbnail_SOTA MEDIA Archive_Shiva Thumbnail_SOTA MEDIA Archive_Bilal Tumbnail - SWARM Tumbnail - CPAC Thumbnail_SOTA MEDIA Archive_Shireen Thumbnail_SOTA MEDIA Archive_DARTS Thumbnail_SOTA MEDIA Archive_MITW Thumbnail_SOTA MEDIA Archive_WestWords Thumbnail - art express Tumbnail - NWO Thumbnail_SOTA MEDIA Archive_paramor Thumbnail_SOTA MEDIA Archive_Black Birds Thumbnail_SOTA MEDIA Archive_Thomas Thumbnail_SOTA MEDIA Archive_Illuminarte Thumbnail_SOTA MEDIA Archive_hackathons