Wadwell Initiatives

System shake up: entrepreneurship, education and the arts

Someone wise once told me that innovation doesn’t come from looking inwards, but from looking outwards to other sectors and adapting concepts to your own operations. He probably said it more eloquently, but I couldn’t agree with him more.

Lessons of a Creative Instigator

Together we can experiment with our creativity. It won’t just be my space, it will be our space. For me that is success. When this venture moves beyond being my business project, to a space that the community feels reflects them, their ideas and their potential.

Reflections of a creative instigator

Sunflowers are my symbol for courage. They seek out warmth and light, and have strong foundations in a storm.

IN FOCUS: Musician strikes a chord with social enterprise

There is something very emotive and intrinsic about humanity’s ability to communicate via music and that is something that crosses cultural barriers. Regardless of what language you speak, music can connect to just about anybody.

IN FOCUS: Analise acts for Autism Awareness Month

Stepping Up 2013 Alumni and now applied behavioural therapist, Analise Vella has been active on her social media channels doing her bit to raise awareness. Later this year, she will be joining the G.A.P team in Indonesia.

Interns may get a leg up, but what leg do they get to stand on?

If food can have a tick of approval and beauty products can have Animal Welfare clearance, why cannot internships have a similar certification measure?