Wadwell Initiatives

The things they do not tell you when your passion becomes your career

That thing that used to be your 10% on the weekend just became your 110%

Wadwell Wanders: Queenstown Edition

If you had the window seat you could easily be forgiven for not wanting the plane to land. One the clearest of days flying into Queenstown on New Zealand’s south island is nothing short of stunning.

System shake up: entrepreneurship, education and the arts

Someone wise once told me that innovation doesn’t come from looking inwards, but from looking outwards to other sectors and adapting concepts to your own operations. He probably said it more eloquently, but I couldn’t agree with him more.

A drop in the ocean is a change in the sea levels

I used to love films about natural disasters – Volcano, Twister, Dante’s Peak – natural phenomena that I have never experienced. the realist is thousands across the world have. Even more pressing is that thousands more haven’t survived them.

Ponderings from 30,000 feet in the air

Whilst we may be sprinkled across the country I am filled with hope. From our pockets of the world, our combined efforts are contributing to a better tomorrow; the world we want to see for the prosperity of all.

Lessons of a Creative Instigator

Together we can experiment with our creativity. It won’t just be my space, it will be our space. For me that is success. When this venture moves beyond being my business project, to a space that the community feels reflects them, their ideas and their potential.

Reflections of a creative instigator

Sunflowers are my symbol for courage. They seek out warmth and light, and have strong foundations in a storm.

Nothing left to do but run

Before I Die is a reminder of the necessity for neighbourly relations, the pivotal role public spaces play in facilitating daily life, the idea that making a large impact doesn’t require a large budget and that death isn’t only something to talk or worry about when we are old.