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Margaret Humphries provides hope for child migrants

For avid readers milestones in our lives can be mapped by what book we read. In primary school I stepped through the wardrobe in the spare room into Narnia; in high school I went around the world in… Read More

Interns may get a leg up, but what leg do they get to stand on?

If food can have a tick of approval and beauty products can have Animal Welfare clearance, why cannot internships have a similar certification measure?

Student Exhibition versus Bottleshop DA

The Macarthur region is dog-eared as a major development region. However planning for social and cultural infrastructure is minimal.

Exhibition Overview: Splitting|Sides

Australia – it is the multicultural, lucky country. The national anthem promotes that ‘for those who’ve come across the seas we’ve boundless plains to share’, but the political rhetoric of ‘team Australia’ and immigration policy which ‘turns back… Read More