Wadwell Initiatives

Ponderings from 30,000 feet in the air

Whilst we may be sprinkled across the country I am filled with hope. From our pockets of the world, our combined efforts are contributing to a better tomorrow; the world we want to see for the prosperity of all.

Lessons of a Creative Instigator

Together we can experiment with our creativity. It won’t just be my space, it will be our space. For me that is success. When this venture moves beyond being my business project, to a space that the community feels reflects them, their ideas and their potential.

Reflections of a creative instigator

Sunflowers are my symbol for courage. They seek out warmth and light, and have strong foundations in a storm.

IN FOCUS: Musician strikes a chord with social enterprise

There is something very emotive and intrinsic about humanity’s ability to communicate via music and that is something that crosses cultural barriers. Regardless of what language you speak, music can connect to just about anybody.

IN FOCUS: Analise acts for Autism Awareness Month

Stepping Up 2013 Alumni and now applied behavioural therapist, Analise Vella has been active on her social media channels doing her bit to raise awareness. Later this year, she will be joining the G.A.P team in Indonesia.

Nothing left to do but run

Before I Die is a reminder of the necessity for neighbourly relations, the pivotal role public spaces play in facilitating daily life, the idea that making a large impact doesn’t require a large budget and that death isn’t only something to talk or worry about when we are old.

In Focus: an eye for detail behind the lens

From a very young age everyone knew Sean was a budding film maker. Never one to shy away from the camera, he was at home whether in front of the lens or controlling it. From our days collaborating… Read More

Margaret Humphries provides hope for child migrants

For avid readers milestones in our lives can be mapped by what book we read. In primary school I stepped through the wardrobe in the spare room into Narnia; in high school I went around the world in… Read More

Interns may get a leg up, but what leg do they get to stand on?

If food can have a tick of approval and beauty products can have Animal Welfare clearance, why cannot internships have a similar certification measure?

Student Exhibition versus Bottleshop DA

The Macarthur region is dog-eared as a major development region. However planning for social and cultural infrastructure is minimal.

Powerhouse Youth Theatre closes out the year with two inspiring performances

In the heart of Fairfield’s CBD there is a hive of activity around the heritage listed School of Arts Building. This building was purpose built in 1994 and underwent refurbishments between 2003 and 2006. Facility improvements responded to… Read More