Wadwell Initiatives

Breathe. With every step as you feel the carpet shift underfoot.
Light. Breaks through the stained glass windows filling the cavernous space.
Open. The awareness of cultural sensitivities and respect to learn about something different to what you know.
Intricate. The particularities of the architecture, the marble tiles and the Arabic versus that wrap around the walls.
Speechless. Stepping in to the sacred space that is the Auburn Gallipoli Mosque seemed to clear the mind of all  worries.

In those moments I was absorbed by its beauty.

Don’t stop there!

If you had the window seat you could easily be forgiven for not wanting the plane to land. On the clearest of days flying into Queenstown on New Zealand’s south island is nothing short of stunning. On the horizon line between Australia and New Zealand the sky touches the sea, but seems to continue forever. After you leave Australia behind, land is not visible again until the clouds give way to the snow-capped mountains of the south island. Is this why we call it the ditch; the in between space of two neighbouring countries? Don’t stop there!

A provocateur – that’s how I have been described. As someone who asks the questions that don’t necessarily have a straight answer. I am more than okay with this. Just because there aren’t straight answers doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be having the conversations. In fact, all the more reason to make sure we keep talking. Don’t stop there!